Knowledgebase : Customer Portal

Known Issue with the Browser

Cross-site request forgery detected

In the event that your account does not log in to the portal and you get the following error message.

"We encountered a problem (cross-site request forgery detected); please try again" When Logging In to the Support Center.

You can resolve this situation by clearing your browser cache and history files. 

If this issue persists, please try with a different browser and see if the issue follows.

While we help you with this issue, you can still submit tickets to 

We strongly encourage rotating passwords on a routine basis. It is, however, important that access to fully managed machines update Administrator/root level credentials. This access is critical for us to respond to any repair issues on your server proactively. Maintaining current information also speeds up our ticket response times to standard support requests and allows us to enroll systems automatically in monitoring and backup services.  

For those servers running Linux, this needn't be a chore. All technical staff uses SSH keys to allow fast and secure access. More information can be found in Securing SSH While Allowing Steadfast Support Access. CentOS users can use a custom-built RPM that will automatically update this information nightly. 

If you currently use Windows systems or do not wish to implement SSH key login, you can update your device's metadata at Remember to do so regularly if you've configured Windows to routine regular password rotation. 

If you have a new account or have lost your password to an existing account, you may retrieve it by following these steps:

  1. Open the customer support portal
  2. Click on the "Lost password" link, located in the Login box

  3. Enter your registered email address on the next page and complete the CAPTCHA verification.
    Only verified accounts will be able to execute this step. Please reach out to your customer service manager if you need to have a new account created for you.

  4. Once submitted, you will receive an email with a one-time activation link which will bring you back to our portal to setup a new password. Please be aware of our policy when changing your password:
    • Minimum of 8 characters required
    • Minimum of 1 symbol and capital letter required
    • Your password will expire every 90 days

  5. Return to our customer portal and test your newly created password.